Track SNAP to grooves length

Hi all,
I’m writing the drum track for my band and we have a 6/8 fill that is out of the main 4/4 beat… the groove works and it’s right on tempo but on the drum track I cannot slide the following 4/4 groove to start just after the end of 6/8. Sliding the grove snaps on the ./4. so where I put the 2 vertical red arrows.
Any way to solve it? Hope I don’t have to rewrite the song.
Thank you

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As a quick fix, I think you can set the main time signature in BFD to 1/8, and the snap values should allow you to do what you want. But this isn’t ideal.

Mmmm I have to figure out how to do… does this work only for standalone?
BTW I’m using Cakewalk as DAW and I thought setting there would solve the problem but it is not. Cakewalk is switching correctly between tempo signatures, BFD does it aswell in sync, but the snap in the BFD track is not affected.

You could export the MIDI to Cakewalk and take care of the tempo change there, and just use BFD as the instrument that plays it.

@BFD_Drew I think @mafbass just made a feature request for BFD4:

Allow tempo changes in the Drum Track



I’d like to stay in BFD because I’m still editing the track and most likely will edit it again and again :wink:

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I’ve thought about this. But, really, I get my beat from the DAW. I suppose you could have an additional tempo ruler, and disable it automatically when you get the beat externally. I don’t know if it would really be worth the complication. Maybe if it had a big red button next to it so you could see it’s on or off. I wouldn’t want to have to look in a menu to check.

Maybe it’s easier to let set the snap in the drum track with the desired resolution up to 32th. Or snap to the other grooves end.

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Allowing it in the Drum Track would benefit people who use BFD3 stand-alone, as well. I guess I look at this as more of a global solution to fix anything similar that might arise, whether used in a DAW or stand-alone, and a solution that works no matter what the user is trying to do. You are, understandably, trying to get your song to work.

Hi all, tried to repro, and no bug here. The 6-8 groove has a length set to 0.3, ie 3 8th notes. I assume it was meant to be 1.0 for a full 6/8 bar. Snap in the song timeline is 1/4 notes, so the 6/8 time signature groove which is set to only 3/8ths length is finishing at a semi-quaver position, and the next 4/4 full-bar groove can only snap to the next quaver position.

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