Totally BFD3 (Very Nearly)

Hello all.

I’ve completed all my kit re builds etc.

Finally moved my external drive BFD3 folder (content - packs etc) from my Fxansion folder structure to it’s own folder on the external drive.

Initial freeze up on launch. re launch and removed all content paths. Further freeze. Re start. Re launch and re scan each expansion pack individually and hey presto.

One small nag is the splash screens to import etc that every one is getting. Press cancel as usual.

All is fine apart from the start up splash screens. No big deal at present.

I’ve seen on ‘eer about doin’ a reg edit - but that’s beyond me.

Removing bfd2 from fxpansion manager 2morrow - will edit/update with any problems encountered - hopefully “none”.

Hope that helps anyone moving their sample folder (those like me not 100% computer literate).


If youre on Windows, running the standalone version as administrator has stopped that constant migration nag here.

Thank you for the tip - though it didn’t work here.