Tom Resonance Not Working

…I think
I turn them on (and cranked to the max) in the Tom Channels expecting to hear them in all the other Tom channels, but I got nothin’.
I also get nothing from the Kick and snare in which Tom Resonance is also turned on, but I don’t see them in the Tom channels.
I noticed this in 3.4.3 as well as 3.4.5
I also have them cranked to +12 in the prefs as well. Still nothin’
Prior to 3.4.3 I believe this worked to some extent, but I believe it worked better prior to 3.4.

I"m on iMac Big Sur.

I had ‘Load On Demand’ engaged.

  • Deselected ‘Load On Demand’ and Tom Resonance works for Toms and Kick and Snare.
  • Reselected ‘Load On Demand’ and now Kick and Snare will continue to send Tom Resonance, but the toms themselves do not.

Can someone confirm this behavior and is it fixable so that Tom Resonance works whether or not LOD is engaged?

Ok- UPDATE to my previous UPDATE
Am I correct that there are 4 adjustments for Tom Resonance?
1- Power ON - From Kick this sends to a top secret send control.
Open the PREFS>ENGINE page.
However- You can not make realtime adjustments here (in iMac-BigSur-Logic) You have to make
your adjustment, then close the window - But that is not enough - I then have to save my session,
close the session, re-open the session to hear the change. Repeat until you have the right balance.
(order pizza ahead of time)

2- From there I think it sends to the ‘Bleed’ Return. Switch to the TECH Page.

3- After that it goes to the Tom Resonance knob. Now switch to the MODEL page.

4- You would think you’re done at this point, but no! There’s still one more possible adjustment hidden
in a freakishly tiny knob on the mixer channel ‘Bleed Input Trim’

Repeat entire process for Snare - then move on to each individual tom.

Ya think that maybe this could be consolidated to be on only 1 or 2 pages somehow?
Or am I not doing this correctly?

I think I mentioned to Drew that for BFD4, there should be global control of parameters that make the same adjustment across all similar kit pieces, i.e. toms. Not just for tom resonance, but making amb send adjustments for one tom affects them all.