Tk symbol in Groove Browser

I pretty sure I asked this question several years ago, but can’t remember the answer. Internet searching, including a site search here, forum search, and the manual didn’t come up with an answer.
So what is the “Tk” symbol next to some grooves?


OK, I think I figured this out. I think it stands for 'Track" which means the Groove includes a Drum Track (or song) along with the palette.
Wish they had made this a little more clear in the manual, but at least I got there in the end.

For anyone else wondering about this here’s a quick visual explanation:


Drum Track


The Load Track with Groove icon and subsequent graying out of the Tk symbols when it’s not selected should have been a big clue. Obviously, I’ve been working with grooves in Cubase more than BFD:


Thanks for that. I’ve always noticed them, but never bothered to try and figure out what the deal was.


Fantastic, we live and learn, thank you!

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Thanks for the info

Jan Kristensen

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That’s brilliant! thanks!

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