Tips for Simmons SD600 User?

Hey all, just took a mini-step up from a Roland HD1 to a Simmons SD600 to get a real kick pad and two-zone meshes all around.

Things work but I’ve been experiencing crashes in Pro Tools when runnning BFD3 and I never had that happen with the Roland kit. I actually also think there’s a bit more latency through the USB cable than the midi-to-USB that I was using with the Roland. I used to be able to record midi for over an hour with the Roland kit with no audio glitches or crashes and I can’t go that long with the Simmons.

One of the things I’ve noticed different is the length of the notes the Simmons registers in Pro Tools are much longer than what the Roland would generate. It was confusing at the beginning and I was worried that it wasn’t properly registering midi off notes… but the playback is accurate to my playing, it just looks a lot different and I wonder if it might be a clue as to what’s causing issues.

Just yesterday I got a new MacBook Air (M2, 2022) with a Lacie Rugged USB-C external drive.

Got everything installed yesterday and tested things out for 1/2 hour or and things were behaving fairly good but I was experiencing the occasional audio dropout both when playing through Pro Tools and BFD3 standalone. The software didn’t crash, it just cut off audio briefly.

Here’s how I’m anticipating running things but if someone’s had better luck with something else I’d be happy to try anything out:

-Simmons SD6 USB cable to Anker Hub (to convert USB to Thunderbolt / USB 4)
-BFD3 & Pro Tools installed on my local harddrive
-BFD3 audio installed on LaCie Rugged external drive
-Pro Tools session on local drive (I haven’t tried one through the external drive yet).

I’m long-time, dedicated BFD user and I know I’ll get things right, just thought someone might have some helpful suggestions/settings. I’m kind of clueless when it comes to buffering settings and stuff like that.

As a side note, I’ve gone through a few computers with BFD and installing through the latest BFD3 License Manager yesterday was such a dream compared to what I went through in the past.

Thanks all!

Does anyone use a similar setup and have any tips for running things as smooth as possible?