Timing Issue when routing channels

Hi All,

Wondering if any of you have ever come across this issue:

When using BFD3 in my DAW (Cubase 12) and routing the channels to channels in the DAW eg: kick to mono1, snare to mono2, hi-hat to mono3 etc

It’s making my drum track start earlier than my audio tracks, like a beat or a second earlier than ity should be starting, as soon as I route all the tracks back to ‘master’ in the BFD3 app, the drum track returns to the correct start position. It’s really strange because it is not adjusting the position on the midi drum track, like the first beat (kick symbol) does not move on the grid, but it starts playing before the cursor actually crosses the kick symbol?

Some kind of latency issue? Do the recorded tracks in Cubase line up to the timeline as they should? Are you using a 1024+ buffer when recording tracks?

Yes everything lines up, so strange it’s not happening on other tracks or with other kits, I’ll have to che k the buffet size later I’m at work.

Running any effects inside of BFD3 itself, on the master channel perhaps?

Hey Drew, I did look for that and but can’t remember now lol, was so tired, I’ll have to check when I get home, thing is, after routing all the channels in the app back to ‘master’ and resolving the issue by doing that, even if I just routed one channel to a mono eg: kick to mono 1, the issue comes back, it was on the aether foundry preset kit, I think that’s part of crush (might be mistaken) or was it BFD Heavy, will check later. Almost certain it’s part of crush…


just did a quick google, it’s part of the Heavy Expansion