Time alignment of overheads

so are the overheads time aligned to the direct mics in all bfd products? they sound like it to me i was just wondering. especially the london sessions pack? was thinking about getting that one

What do mean by, ‘time aligned’?


Print the snare and OH to audio tracks in your DAW and compare the waveforms.

You just missed the big sale, so I would wait to get London. That can be had for $20 throughout the year at times.

None of the packs that myself and @BFD_Mike have created were time-aligned after the session. That would be:

Wooden Snares
Metal Snares
Dark Farm
Vintage Recording Techniques
Jazz Noir

The way we handle alignment is in the studio. We measure distances and take test recordings and then dial in the microphone positions to get us the sound we want.

I’m 99% sure that none of the other packs were digitally altered after the fact either. Everything is kept as close as it can be to the RAW sessions. There is sometimes some noise reduction applied, depending on if the console or preamps were too noisy

Some of our packs have processed drums and pure drums, to give people the option. But we found that people prefer a halfway house between some processing (cleaning up mids and resonant peaks and such) and for them to then put their own compression and saturation on and things like that.

If a microphone channel is a character channel like a slam or trash microphone, then we’ll usually go to town on it, and re-apply the drums natural dynamics to that channel afterwards.


yes drew! i was hoping you would chime in! thank you for your response. i hate time alignment in drums, it makes even a real drum track sound artificial. i have almost all the drum vsts out there and bfd is the only one im using now, looking to expand my drum libraries for it. this is definitely the approach im looking for in a drum vst, rawness. dark farm was an incredible pack id love to see another one of that same level in the classic rock vein, i do have VRT until then! thanks