Thought I was dreamin' - player vst3

On opening cubase it was fantastic to see the player open as vst3.

Come on guys, give me a good Christmas present, and get it in BFD3.

Still not sure if it’s real - either way it’s a good little player.


BFD Player uses quite a different codebase to BFD3, and because we’re based on JUCE, VST3 support was fairly easy to get in. But for BFD3 it is looking like a seriously non-trivial task. We definitely want it, but it is going to take some time.


It’s good to know it’s on it’s way.

Sadly, for me, I’m in a re build time, After several machine/hard drive, and personal health failures. 98% of my projects include BFD3 and are all Cubase.

I’m none to brainy, but, I’m trying to fine a way, drum map wise, to be able to use Superior Drummer, temporarily, whilst re building all my projects - at least 400 songs/projects. A very painful and long drawn out task.

I’ve re done 5 albums so far. But with cubase 13 on the horizon the rest will have to go on hold.

I’m trying the BFD player as a temporary replacement, but I can’t use my BFD libraries with the player.

I like Superior Drummer 3 - but in my opinion - It ain’t BFD.

There is reason to believe, but I can’t confirm, vst2 may still be supported in cubase 13 on Windows when it finally arrives.

Lets hope that that is the case.

I was slightly relieved to here this. Hope it relieves uncertainties for others. Even if it is only temporary.

The proof is in the pudding? We shall see?