The future of BFD license - a cautionary tale

Can you provide a link to the video? I can’t play YT videos in the forums. (Don’t know why.)

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From here Support : BFD Drums

Scroll down a little and you’ll see that on the 4th of March 2022 it was posted that BFD uses a challenge response and you do NOT (their emphasis) need the internet on your install machine, you just need to transfer a tiny auth file or something. This appears twice. in the same post.

I would not watch a boring video about authorisation until it came time to do so, I’d scroll down to the question Im asking, read it doesnt need the net, and happily purchase.


Unfortunately when a company takes over another product they don’t change the authorization scheme. I think part of that is the willingness or ability to change the code. Izotope products can be installed on any system but those Expo verbs still require iLok.

Authorization is the top priority on whether I purchase. BFD is a fail for me. There are plenty of hits on the web about error 403002. I support more developers who have the I trust you attitude. Machine limit plat an important part.

Sad when poor authorization schemes make you desire iLok. These also encourage license owners to search for a crack.


So, it’s going well on other forums:

This is how it will be on KvR, Gearspace, wherever someone mentions BFD. Given that BFD is the ‘forgotten’ drum option these days, having it battered just as it’s trying to relaunch isn’t great. There is an easy solution though…

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@Mr_Arkadin I see some misinformation over there as well.

I am in the process of ditching BFD3 completely over the broken authorisation system which causes expansions to be re-downloaded regularly and all settings in older projects to be lost when I re-open them. The lack of resizeable interface is also a factor.

BFD2 is more like EZ Drummer (2), Superior Drummer 2 is much more realistic, and can be tweaked to your liking. Toontracks eco system is far better and the midi is compatible to everything.

Did you see the comment of there from this flampton character, oh my lord some people really are lost in their silly little bubbles LOL

Wow… BFD2 is a toy? Never knew that. You totally couldn’t get pro sounding drum tracks with that thing. I have no idea what all those pro producers that used it over the years were thinking. :man_facepalming:


The key bit is ‘compared to bfd3’ tho, took me a few re-reads to realise what they were saying :slight_smile:

I mean, I still wouldnt agree, but i can see how bfd3 has more features and more interface… stuff, so how someone could say that. If i read it correctly, they were saying the same with about SD2 vs SD3.

Yeah, anyone claiming BFD is bad sounding doesn’t know much, it’s the only reason I’m still here. However the longer this LM stupidty continues I’m losing faith in the future of this instrument.

But, yeah, he was saying SD2 and BFD2 sound plastic compared to their respective v3 iterations, which of course is still absolute rot.


I never thought this boring crap would be my friday night reading :slight_smile:

Someone was comparing BFD2 to EZ Drummer2. There is no comparison. One is and one is definitely not a toy. I just demo’d EZ Drummer2 recently to export some Toontrack grooves. Whilst it does do a good job of what it’s intending, similar to SSD5.5 at being more simplified, BFD2 even with it’s age is a much more complete pro offering imo.

If BFD2 was AAX compatible, I probably never would’ve left BFD when I did. That thing helped me write a boatload of songs back in the day.


Ah, gotcha. Understood.

All this comparing stuff is kinda nonsense really anyway. Any skilled producer is gonna get what they need with any these cheaper or more expensive packs.

I mean, Albini EZ Drummer. If Albini is happy, there is just no argument to be had. And it’s a mere £60.

If one cant achieve with Albini drums, there’s something lacking in knowledge, not Albini.

So many incredible albums have been made with just the tiniest fraction of what we have available in the cheapest kit, and it’s kinda missing the point comparing samples in isolation.

Just talking generally, that’s a thought i had earlier reading that thread. Not aimed at your thoughts FB :slight_smile:


OP from that thread here, in the end I’m going with BFD 1) because it seems to be very high quality and give the most “bang for your buck”, and 2) out of hope that the situation with the LM and inMusic will improve, and eventually there’ll be a BFD4. I’m currently in the process of buying a BFD3 license from someone selling theirs, but good god is inMusic’s customer service atrocious, we’ve been waiting what I think must be almost 3 weeks now for them to respond as to transfer fees and give us the green light.

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That should tell you everything. The LM’s authorisation system is clearly being put in place for all inMusic software to go full subscription mode at any moment. They even call it a subscription type authorisation system. If BFD4 isnt a subscription model, I’ll be amazed. InMusic have been going long enough and have a vast amount of big name brands. If they wanted to improve, they’d be showing it in some way already. After over a year of trying to get them to sort this out, all my goodwill and ‘blind faith’ is gone. But thats just me :slight_smile: Their drums sound good, thats for sure. My current project is all Toontrack tho, to see if I can challenge myself to get results as good as BFD.

Im getting results quicker, with way less hair pulling using Toontrack stuff :slight_smile: Make of that what you will. I’ve been using BFD for years and done hours long tutorials in the thing but I’ll be purely Toontrack after this coming week :slight_smile:

Anyway, call inMusic direct if you can. Answers are much more forthcoming, much quicker, on their phone lines.


  • inMusic Brands, Inc
  • 200 Scenic View Drive
  • Cumberland, RI 02864
  • United States
  • Tel: 401.658.3131
  • Fax: 401.658.3640

4200 Boul Matte
Unit C
Brossard, QC
J4Y 3J5
Tel: 1-833-466-9165


Hans Günther Sohl Str. 4a
47807 Krefeld
Tel: +49 2102 7402 20150
Support: +49 2102 740 2 20150
Fax: +49 2102 7402 20011


Unit 3, Nexus Park
Lysons Avenue
Ash Vale
Hampshire GU12 5QE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1252 896040


7th Floor, NO. 165, Nanking East Road
Section 4
Taipei 105
Tel: +886 2 2717 2389
Fax: +886 2 2717 2734


6F, 3-19-23, Minami Azabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo
106-0047 Japan
Tel: +81 3 6277 2230
Support: +81 3 6277 2231
Fax: +81 3 6277 0025


123 Lipnik Blvd,
Business Park Ruse, building B
Ruse, 7013
Tel: +359 89 7300872



Looks like inMusic are playing similar games with Akai users atm…


Now that’s horrifying, fingers crossed it never comes to that. Unfortunately I just don’t have the budget for SD3, otherwise I probably would go with it (even despite the fact that I generally like the feel of the drums I’ve heard in demos of BFD over SD), if only because inMusic’s LM scheme seems so dishonest and such a terror. Just reading about all this I feel bad for what’s being done to the devs who poured their sweat, heart and soul into BFD.


I know everybody is upset over all this, and I truly do get it, and agree. If inMusic goes tits up, we’re screwed after 90 days. That’s a fact.

But, so far inMusic hasn’t gotten a dime from me, and I’ve received at least 3 releases. This also can’t go on forever. They can try to sell more expansion packs, and maybe that will work. But there has to be revenue coming in from somewhere.

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Totally. And thats all good. Going forward, thats all fine. They can sell this thing however they want.

What they cant do is change to a subscription model without telling anyone or consulting their customer base first, without making sure customers that already bought into the way it was advertised as working are taken care of, without any kind of push back.

Look at the solutions they’ve offered so far to deal with this, after a year plus of asking.

Hint: they havent offered anything at all. Even the timer thing had to pushed for.

So, going forward, with new products, they can do whatever they want, but they dont get to buy customers off with expansion packs while not declaring up front this subscription thing without it being noted, publicly. They dont get to deal with a customer this way and not have it noted as part of their reputation going forward.

If people then want to deal with a company willing to treat any customer like this, thats fine. At least they’re informed customers, unlike those of us who moved from Roli to inMusic, and who werent informed of anything at all and havent been given any other options except free expansions to hopefully appease any vocal annoyances.

Depends which narrative you wanna buy. BFD want us to purely blame inMusic for this, but its not inMusic that brought us along for this ride, its was BFD.

Who knows what else inMusic will ‘force’ BFD to do? What else are we going to have no recourse about because apparently its all inMusic’s fault? I’ve been asking for the complaints procedure for about a month now, no response.

Then there’s the little matter of what data exactly they’re collecting every 90 days. Data is huge business these days. Only a fool would assume inMusic havent considered how to monetise that aspect of their business.

All that for some drum samples? No thanks :smiley:


I’ve got BFD2 and can’t get it registered - what a hassle.