The Floor Tom sounds to me on the left side on the OH channel

This is my first message here and I am grateful to you for accepting me.

I am using Bfd3 together with Cubase in multi outputs and it turns out that when I solo the OH overheads channel, I hear the Floor Tom on the left side.
On the other hand, the high Tom can be heard well on the left side and the medium Tom more or less also…
But I don’t understand the Floor Tom because it can be heard on the opposite side of its natural position on the drums… (always from the drummer’s perspective), I also tried changing it to the listener’s perspective and the same thing happens.

The same thing happens with some dishes; however, if you put the Ambient channel on solo, everything sounds good in its natural position on the drums.

Is this normal?

Please…How can it be corrected?
It is quite annoying for me because there is incoherence in the panorama, between the direct microphones and the overheads.

I hope you can help me.
Thank you so much.
Warm hugs.

Which drums are you using???

Hello… thank you very much for responding!! :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, it is one of the presets that come from the factory with the original library.
The Bfd3 Core Library is called.

I notice that lag in the stereo of the Toms and cymbals in almost all the presets.
It is not specific to just one.

Have you felt or heard it?

Thank you so much.