The case of the missing presets starring Jazz Noir

I just got this pack and, once again, can’t find the presets or drum kits. Well, I’ve found them, and, they’re living where they should be (Mac computer; library/application support/bfddrums/bfd3/system/) I can “Load them by hand” but can’t get them to show up in the browser. When I look at “set up content locations”, there is no location for any of the presets (even though the rest of them are working fine). I keep using the “search folder” button and trying to add the main BFD folder. When I do so it scans it but it never shows up in the locations browser. At this point is when I usually trash preferences and spend lots of time trying to fix things. I’m trying to avoid that this time. What is the “trick” to get BFD to find these things?? Weird.

I’m on windows so not sure can help but there default locations for system presets doesn’t show in the content page and never has. I think that’s because the contents page is so users can install their data to other drives and locations of their choice. System defaults should not be altered so they don’t show on the contents page.

That’s kind of an educated guess but I think I’m right.

Bit of a pain but if you can load the presets manually then you might as well do that and then save them individually in their default location. You’ll probably be asked if you want to overwrite an already existing file of the same name so you’ll have to do that.


The trick is that this is a bug. You’re doing the right thing. BFD isn’t.

Honestly, I can’t recall that I’ve ever trashed preferences. You shouldn’t need to.

I’ll play with it to see if I can recreate your situation. Maybe it’s broken for me also and I just didn’t notice it. Or maybe there’s some detail with preferences or something. It seems like a lot of people are running into this kind of issue. There has to be something there.

For the most part, I’m really not running into these kinds of problems at all on v3.4. I did fairly often on v3.3, specifically with missing grooves that reappeared when I scanned them, but not on v3.4, which has been rock solid. I have a feeling it’s because I customized my installations and have corrected some kind of permissions issue along the way.

Thanks guys. I think I’ll just open them and save them again at this point. I’m not sure that the actual library show up in the list but we’ll see.

I verified that my Jazz Noir presets and kits are showing up, and are located in the main default /Library/Application Support path, as yours are. My permissions are ‘rwx’ for user, group, and other, and the files and actual Preset and Kit directories are owned by my individual user name. Since this is something I haven’t moved around, I believe this is the default per the installers. I also believe that these presets and kits aren’t installed anywhere else in my search path.

I’ll have a look at my permissions for that whole folder. Maybe that’s the “root” of all my problems.

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When I look at the BFD_installlog.log, it has a line that reads:

AAX_FOLDER_MACOS /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

However, the actual path is “/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-ins”

It looks, however, like this is a type on Avid’s part, and has actually changed in a recent version. ProTools is keeping track of it, but it does look like it has moved. Anyone depending on this to stay the same won’t find it. I’m pretty sure that other installers are reading this path from a config file somewhere, because they don’t seem to have trouble with this.

Either way, that’s probably something that needs to be corrected in the install script somehow.

I’m not sure but I might have figured this out. After a day of trying various things (applying permissions, deleting prefs, etc) I finally just reinstalled BFD. After it rescanned the paths everything magically showed up.