The BFD FAQ Thread

Installation & Setup FAQs

  • Can I use all versions of BFD simultaneously?
    – Whilst there should not be any clash between BFD1, BFD2, pre-inMusic BFD3, and the latest version of BFD3 (none of the programs share the same resources or registry paths) we recommend only having the latest version of BFD3 installed, if you can. For older projects, you’re always best bouncing down to WAV when the project is done, for archival reasons. Do not trust that BFD2 will work forever; bounce your drums down!

  • Where do I get the latest downloads for my products?
    – All downloads are served through the BFD License Manager application. You can get BFD License Manager from Downloads and Documentation | BFD - all software and expansion packs are downloaded through this application once you are logged into your inMusic Profile account.

  • Why do I have to remain logged into the License Manager?
    – License Manager requires a login token to exist on the machine you are using BFD products on. This is true even when you go offline. As long as License Manager is in a “logged in” state, your products should continue to see their authorization and should continue to work.

  • How many machines can I install my BFD products on?
    – There is no change to the licensing agreement for BFD; you can use BFD products on up to 3 machines simultaneously.

  • Why do I need to validate my authorizations every 90 days?
    – Currently inMusic policy is that product authorizations need to be validated every 90 days. BFD License Manager shows a license recheck field that tells you how long until this needs to happen.
    – However, if you are always online, BFD3 and License Manager will perform this recheck automatically when the counter hits 20 days, requiring no input from the user at all.

  • Can I use my BFD product offline?
    – At present, you have to go online occasionally with BFD. The first time to login to your inMusic Profile inside of License Manager, but once you are authorized you can go offline. After 90 days you’ll need to go online momentarily to validate the authorization, and then you can go offline again.

  • BFD3 is not showing up in Logic, send help!!!
    Logic is weird. On MacOS files are often cached and locked, and what can often happen when installing a new plugin is that Logic does not pick it up. This is because the AUcache gets locked and cached, and even if you delete it the cached version still survives. Solution is to reboot the computer and re-launch Logic, and it will rescan the installed plugins and you will see BFD. This doesn’t just affect BFD.

Expansion Pack FAQs

  • BFD3 is no longer seeing my BFD1 or BFD2 library content, how do I make this work?
    – BFD1 is now replaced with BFD Eldorado. BFD2 is replaced with BFD London Sessions. They are the same content. Please contact or a member of the BFD team, in order to get replacement serial numbers for these products.

  • BFD3 is not showing my expansion pack drums, send help!!!
    – Please ensure that after you’ve downloaded the expansion pack installer, that you actually run the installer application. If you just add the downloaded folder to BFD, it will not work because the audio will be compressed and BFD will not be able to play it. Run the installer and the installer will unpack everything to the correct locations, and will automatically add the expansion pack to the software.

  • I cannot see my old kits and presets
    – The old FXpansion-era version of BFD stores presets inside an FXpansion folder. The new inMusic-era version of BFD stores them in a BFD Drums folder. You can use the BFD3’s installer option called ‘migrate content’ to move these over, or you can do it manually. To do it manually, copy the files from the older folders to the new ones.

The old locations are:

  • PC: C:\ProgramData\FXpansion\BFD3\System
    Mac: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/FXpansion/BFD3/System/

The new locations are:

  • PC: C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System
    Mac: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System/