Text obscured in keymap

I like it a lot, but when using the ‘dark studio’ view, the text in the grey keys of the pianoroll in the keymap, are obscured.

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yep, just another loose end that would be nice to have cleaned up.

That’s not the only place the dark mode is broken.

It’s offensive how pathetically incomplete such features are, and this isn’t exclusive to BFD in the slightest. The tech industry likes to throw feature bullet points at us, but the development is usually about 70% complete when they push it out, almost never finish/fix it, etc… The worst thing a user can do is try to USE ALL the features provided, since most of them were coded and barely tested, then ignored from there onward, because the only thing that matters is selling the same damned product AGAIN, to all the SAME customers, the very next season. Pushing for subscriptions/“software as a service” is the icing on the shit cake of the norm of customer abuse in the tech industry. Don’t listen to tech geeks telling you how this is all normal and “software is too complex to not have problems”. It’s just more lies to justify and excuse incomplete development (at the hands of executives that only care about perpetual growth).