Text Field Font

While I’m typing text into a text field (in Greek), I get nonsense characters. When I press enter, everything shows up fine. Since it’s always been that way, I put this into feature requests instead of bugs. Filtering in search fields is working fine at that time when I’m typing and seeing nonsense, so it’s probably just a display issue.

I’ve had this problem in other programs. I’d discovered the problem lies with the font selected for display. You’ll need to identify your “intelligent fonts” (those which alter their appearance depending on their linguistic context). Common examples are Arial or Times New Roman will translate themselves. If you go to your computers font folder, these will typically be the fonts with the biggest mb file size.

I noticed what may be a text/cursor related bug in the groove palette. When trying to rename a groove or palette, the cursor is not visible at all and does not flash. I have to use Command-arrow left/right to assume the cursor is either at the beginning, or end of the name. It may be related to the text highlight color being used.

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^ Yes, this happens here too.

@Stmb01 But how do I know which font to mess with? I haven’t touched anything, everything runs at stock settings. Which font is used in the search field while typing?