Swann Percussion Missing Pieces

So - I’ve uncovered some additional Swan percussion presets that were located in a BFD2 folder… and when loading them - I see they are missing a number of kit pieces indicated by the little yellow triangles - any ideas? - Is this accurate or am I missing something.

I had never seen those first 3 kits or presets before; just the last three that are labeled Swan Percussion. I loaded Crunchy Swan Hop from the File menu and got a kit that looks quite different from yours, and with no missing pieces.

Crunchy Swan Hop

And here’s Layered Rock

It’s strange that hey are ‘hidden’. They are made from Swan Percussion kit pieces but aren’t labeled in the same manner as the other kits and presets with the leading “Swan” in the title.
Even when I search the kits and presets in the left pane with the titles of those two (Crunchy Swan Hop and Layered Rock) they aren’t found for me. Did they just show up in yours or did you import them once you found them?

Looks like those first presets use BFD2/London Sessions drums in them.

I show all 6…all load correctly using Swan Percussion expansion…looks like I have different graphics…
The Kit layouts are the same as yours…not as the 1st layout posted

The top 3 are BFD2 presets w/tga…the bottom 3 are BFD3 w/png…merge/move the BFD2 folder* into BFD3 Presets …C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Presets\BFD Swan Percussion

Rescan system content paths…only the BFD3 Folder gets scanned

*I always presume Presets are in Folders…if not I highly recommend it.

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BFD-Drew - I have the following kits installed - BFD3, Horsepower, 8Bit Kit, Jazz Noir, Modern Drummer Snare Selects, Swan Percussion - I jumped in to the BFD platform - In 2012 - with BFD2 - I believe I had saw a post that said - I should try and get licenses from BFD for London Sessions and XFL - as they were originally incl in the BFDKits - but bow are sold as expansions - and I may need those for some of the presets? - maybe I’m hearing incorrectly - but thought I’d check. - Not sure why all differences in kits, and graphics… But I will still say - this is the the best sounding VI drum program out there -

The difference in Graphics is I posted images of Presets…I see your Original Post you are showing images of Kits…I was going to edit my post but will add images here instead…
The Kits tho are nothing like the one you 1st posted…

Is Classic Electric Piano …a Plugin Host?

If you have BFD2 and have not gotten a replacement for London Sessions, then you should definitely PM Drew with your FXpansion BFD2 serial# and your inMusic account email address.

eh! “Classic Electric Pianos” is the default LPX instrument name - I had BFD running in Logic.