Stupidly Cheap BFD London Sessions Expansion $19.99

I know BFD3 has it’s issues right now, but this is a no-brainer deal if you don’t already have this expansion/BFD2. This retailer is legit and I have purchased many software titles from them. | FXpansion BFD London Sessions


I agree. If you don’t have it, you need it.

Hey @kafka, what are the plus points of this expansion? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the samples were recorded somewhat hot and that someone had developed a script to attenuate them in some way? is the pack usable out of the box without such shenanigans?

Oh yeah, it’s completely usable. If you’re finding it hot for your mix, just turn down the master trim by 6db. Done.

The script is just a convenience factor if you want to mix kit pieces between expansions without adjusting the trim on each piece. I’ve done this, but it’s a little pointless. If you’re mixing expansions, you’ll be adjusting the individual trims anyway.

The pluses are that it’s a very complete and wide ranging expansion that covers any set of contexts. It was substantially more detailed than the BFD1/Eldorado kits, and really made BFD a professional tool. It was a game changer, in terms of breadth of sounds and detail.


Thanks @Kafka. I’ve just snagged, too good a deal to pass up. It comes with 422 Groove palettes which I wasn’t expecting as the blurb on the website states it doesn’t have any. I’m guessing these are BFD2 palettes? Anyways, they sound good on first listen :slight_smile:

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If you want to sound like John Bonham

Thanks for let me know, the price is total steal and i wanted this oldy expansion for ages, but my SSD is left only with 300GB space, need to be very careful.

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Well that’s not a bad thing really. You just have to tweak the AMB channels and what’s sending to them, then they won’t be so in your face.

Yeah, sample library storage can fill up in a hurry. I just recently got a 1TB NVMe and I can breath a bit now. Even if you can’t install it just yet, better to grab it now for that price and you’ll have it for when you have more storage.

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I wasn’t clear - I think it’s a great thing

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They sound amazing, i`m just personally into 80s/90s metal music and something like Evil Drums which i dream of purchasing for ages are more appealing to me.
This expansion set is great but it dont know where i would use it, but it can be great for covers and making music for customers.
Anyway im pretty torn up, 1h i think i dont want it, another that i will get it and in circles. I think these samples were from old Deluxe expansion which dont exist any more, and they chopped off offer with this one.

Ah, right on. Sorry mate. I just read it with an /s.

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London Sessions are the same factory samples that came with BFD2, not Deluxe. The Pearl Masterbuilt kit is pretty good for anything 80’s rock radio. I used the Tamburo Opera on my rock mixes years ago.

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Yes that Tamburo Opera has some real clout, impressed me straight away :slight_smile:

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Wait, its FXPansion. Will it work with BFD 3.4? I thought it didn’t like work with the INmusic version?

Don’t worry, the code can be used in the new License Manager thing.

Awesome! Buying now!

Thank you!

Um. The website won’t accept the new serial. It truncates it after the 3rd Hyphen, and won’t go any further. Dammit.

EDIT: Oh. The stupid licensing app. Dur. NM.

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No worries… I think a lot of us did the same thing when using inMusic. It’s confusing to say the least.