Studio One6&BFD3 の関係性

Wondering why it doesn’t work with Studio One6?
Not supported yet? ?
I want to know if there is a way!

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Hi dowie009,

What platform are you using, Windows or Apple? If Apple, are you going native or are you using Rosetta?

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

Thank you for your reply

It’s Apple!
I use it in native!

I can assure you it works very well, one might say ‘flawlessly’ in Studio One Pro 6.

I am on Windows 10 though. Best of luck .

Did you update to S1 6.5? There’s where the issue started, BFD doesn’t allow routing, using menus, etc…

Out of many years of frustration and defending BFD3 I just took the chance on a deal and got SD3. It’s honestly just like BFD3 but with all the improvements needed on BFD3 for the past… 4-5 years?

But nowadays it’s wasting time asking for support for a plugin that doesn’t even have a VST3 version. So if you update to 6.5, beware what can happen. I don’t believe in rollbacks, I believe in moving forward. Presonus already replied and gave me the standard Wonder Woman bracelets answer, dodged all bullets and send them elsewhere as the problem.

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