Streamlining BFD Workflow In Logic

Apologies if I’m in the wrong section, I just picked up BFD3 the other day and have been thoroughly enjoying all the customization options. I have been able to dial-in the sound I want a few times, but it has taken me so long in each project to adjust settings exactly as they should be to fit my workflow. In a nutshell I’m wondering if there is a way to save all of the kit settings, mixer settings, and keymap settings all to one default preset, so that any time I load up an instance BFD3 in a Logic track, those things are all automatically there as the default settings that load up so that I am not having to manually make those adjustments anytime I load up BFD3?

As it is, by default BFD is routing all the toms to a single bus and it’s creating a weird phasing sound as a result when the toms are played (so I need to keep re-erouting them to master track every time), then the automatic keymap and kit loaded is not the one I want.

I also tried saving the track settings as a logic track patch but it doesn’t seem to carry over the plugin’s internal settings like other plugins normally do.

Any pointers here? I’ve only had this for a week so I’m guessing there must be something I haven’t tried

Hey Teebacca,

You can save a preset, and then go to BFD’s preferences and set it as the default preset that loads when starting BFD.


@Teebacca Saving a Preset will save all of those settings. You can select the default Preset to load on startup in BFD3 Prefs.

What I’ve been doing when I have a preset going that I want to be my main workflow for other kits, is I’ll just manually swap (right-click) the kit pieces with ones from a new kit, delete any unused channels and then save that as a new Preset. That way everything, including the kit tweaks are carried over. When you load a kit from a file, it overwrites all the kit tweaks afaik.

I also recommend saving channel presets. That way if you have new aux track you’ve created, or whatever, you can always add them to other presets to update your workflow.

I’m not sure about the phasing issue with the toms you’re talking about. I haven’t experienced this.


Thank you both! I couldn’t find the default preset dropdown on my own (in preferences) at first, but after you brought it up I checked again and there it was! This definitely helps with saving kit adjustments.

I also didn’t know about the channel presets, so by right clicking any channel in the mixer i was able to save all my mixer settings there, and then overwrite the main preset file so it opens how I want by default.

The last thing I have yet to figure out is setting a default keymap. I have created a custom keymap, with custom mappings & velocity/articulations saved as a keymap file, but I’m still needing to load it up manually with each new instance of BFD3 (it’s currently loading up the initial keymap preset by default).

Is there anyway to make my custom keymap load up on a new BFD instance default? Didn’t see an option for that in preferences but could always be overlooking something…

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@Teebacca Yeah, selecting a default preset from the drop down menu is a bit disorganized. I have a hard time locating one that I want to set as a default.

I don’t think you can select a default keymap. Those are saved within presets only. What I would do is, if you have say any stock presets that you like as is, just load your custom keymap on that preset and save as a new user preset. Another tip is, you can right-click on presets in the browser and add those to a favorites list. Then you can easily browse them by clicking the Fav tab in the browser. It’s a quick way to view all of your go-to presets.

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