Strange Issue with Horse Power Expansion Since Migration

Hello folks,

I tried to stay on the pre migration BFD platform after being scared off by the horror stories but was forced into migrating by the “No packs found in pack summary catalogue” pop up error that suddenly appeared and popped up constantly over and over. I could not get rid of this even when I got rid of demo packs and tried various settings as suggested in that thread…anyhow…

I migrated and thought it had actually gone OK, but Horsepower has a really strange issue with the pedal note. It triggers very loud and super compressed sounding with a horrendous background noise like its been compressed to within an inch of its life. I have checked the settings for this articulation and everything is set normally. I loaded up other high hats from the same pack and these all trigger the same with the pedal note articulation.

I can’t see this issue reported anywhere else, I’m a bit baffled what could cause this?

I checked a platinum samples kit and that seemed Ok though I haven;t been through all my expansions. I can only guess there are probably a few more hidden surprises waiting for me.

Was I supposed to uninstall every expansion before the migration and then reinstall?

don’t know about ‘supposed to’ but i HAD to to get my expansions to even be recognized. maybe try just the Horsepower one and see if it fixes your issue. i don’t have that expansion. but keep it on the back burner that you may have to re-install the expansions eventually.

Just reporting back that I uninstalled all my expansion packs and any trace of BFD both the new migrated version and any older FXpansion files / folders that I could find. I then re-installed BFD and redownloaded my expansion packs, including Horsepower.

Unfortunately I still have the same issue with Horsepower. It was fine before I migrated. If I press the high hat pedal then let it open it triggers a really loud and noisy hissy sample. It is unusable. Other expansions seem to be working.