STILL login/authorisation problems -jeeez!

Cannot believe this is STILL happening. Hadn’t used BFD3 on my laptop for ages, tried to run, had to login through auth manager, do that, tick. Says everything is authorised. Tick. Doesn’t run BFD3 get the same message “BFD has been disabled because you are not logged into your Inmusic account”

WELL I ^&%$%^&* WELL AM DAMMIT! How can this still be an issue InMusic? Don’t you spend any money on keeping your software up to date?

Try opening the Licence manager and logging out.
Now open your browser and log back in.

If you haven’t used it for a while you may be running and older version so you should make sure your licence manager is V and BFD3 is version


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Both apps are up to date.
I have logged in and out several times.
When it logs me in on the website it tells me I can close the window.
Whether or not I do makes absolutely no difference, BFD remains disabled with that black screen and yellow writing.
I am upgrading to an M2 Mac and if this problem continues it may well be the last time I use BFD, having been with it since version 1.

Sad, but it completely destroys a creative session when it refuses to work, and takes valuable time, and focus away from the creative process.

As this problem as been ongoing since InMusic took over from FXPansion, I’m guessing it will never be solved. What a waste.

Have you contacted support with this?

For the most part this issue was pretty much solved a few builds ago and yours is the first of this kind I’ve seen for around a year.

It’s worth noting that since inmusic took over BFD3 there have been a lot of changes, although they have been mostly around the new licensing system (which in my opinion is pretty pointless) it does at least show there is development happening and a BFD4 beta team has been assembled and are awaiting their first test model.
For the all years that BFD3 was under ROLI’s stewardship there was absolutely no development.



Similar issues here, after a computer failure, had to replace my c: drive and re install from backup. Logged out of licence manager and logged back, logged in yo inmusic etc. Updated licence manager to and downloaded an installed bfd now it seems that bfd servers are down ?. Any help would be appreciated thanks Roy

If the servers are down there’s nothing you can do untill they’re back on line.

In my experience it’s usually brief, sometimes just half an hour or so.

Just keep trying is all you can do.


Logged out 1 more time, logged back in, all products now accepted rescanned and working,