Start/End Time + Midi Note Synchronization Issue

I normally use Strikex64 for drums, but bought BFD3 a while ago and want to start getting what I can out of it. I haven’t been able to find a solid answer on the issue I’m having, which is that BFD3 will start playing before my first MIDI starts. The issue extends into not ending playback when a MIDI note stops. I use Mixcraft Pro Studio 10 as my DAW. I’m familiar with routing notes to channels. I’ve tried having every instrument in a given preset routed to the BFD3 Master, having each instrument routed to an individual stereo channel (2-8), and tried with each instrument routed to their own respective Mono Channel.

I loaded the General MIDI key map because it’s the closest option I’ve found that’s close to correct between the note displayed when playing a groove in the groove editor and the note it actually correlates to in my piano roll (screenshot attached). Every groove is still off by one step, so BFD3 will show a groove as C8, but the piano roll note it actually correlates to is C7. Thank you in advance for any help that will get me on track to using the plugin effectively.

BFD3 uses the MIDI protocol ‘song position pointer’ so it will follow yor projects timeline.
You have some empty bars at the start of your project from what i can see, but you don’t have any at the start of your midi in BFD3, that appears to be your issue from what i can see.