Sonic Reality Vinnie Appice and Rod M. Kits

I have purchased these two kits within the past few weeks. I have finally gotten to playing around with these two kits. I was able to load all Kicks, Snares, and Toms into BFD 3. (current build). Unfortunately, when I went to load any cymbals, I get either no sound at all, or a vary faint sound. What am I missing? I feel that the answer is in front of me, but I just can’t figure it out. Now, do own both the Neil Peart and Hugh Paghdam kits as well and there doesn’t seem to be an issue.

@rzrocks The are no direct cymbal mics, so they only emit sound through the OH, Room and snare/kick bleed. In the Tech panel for each cymbal, you can crank up the Trim knob and or also increase the send levels to the OH/Room mics to compensate for the volume difference.

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I have the Vinnie Appice pack, cymbals are loud and clear, what Fender_Bender has stated (re the OH & Room) is correct, but they should not be soft or faint, or need boosting, not as far as I can tell on my system, all the kit pieces have equal volume, in fact the cymbals on this pack actually load with the levels pulled lower than the rest of the kit. If you like I can load a video showing what I have mentioned? I am on macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

In fact here’s a demo I did on the Vinnie pack, as you can see the cymbals are as audible as any other kit piece:

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Looks like the Appice kit does have direct cymbal mics, as opposed to the EpiK kits like RM that don’t, so there should definitely be a noticeable difference in cymbal volume. Just noting.

Ok, but they should not be very faint or no sound at all etc? As yo can hear they are very audible in the presets I loaded? Or am I misunderstanding this post?

The cymbals on the RM kit going to the OH/Room are a bit faint without boosting, that’s the only reason I mentioned it, as OP has the RM kit. So that could explain that part of his issues. But yeah, there shouldn’t be an issue with no sound at all. Just pointing out that the SR expansions vary with what direct channels they have included.

Ok got you now, I saw he mentioned the Appice pack hence my reply :blush:

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Thank you for all the responses. I went and check on it today and the VInnie Appice is working properly. I wish I could explain that to someone in here because I didn’t change anything. As for Rod’s Kit, Fender Bender, I will try what you have recommended in a few days. Deandgersmith- They sound amazing!!!

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I really like that Appice pack, enjoy it, have fun :slight_smile:

No need to explain anything, I have the strangest stuff happening too, as you will see from some of my latest posts (kick channel miraculously maxing out the fader when ever it feels like it etc) lol.

That’s part of the allure with BFD3… the unexplainable. :smirk:

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