Sonic Reality Neil Peart Kit

I have heard this kit on the IK Multimedia Sampletank 4 VSTi that I have on my pc, it sounds great but there’s not a lot of control besides what’s in the mixer. I decided to grab it from Sonic Reality and give it a whirl, it’s not a review just a demo of the kit playing some grooves and a run through of the kit pieces. So glad I did. After the install BFD3 Standalone crashed 3 times when I loaded the first kit, after that it’s been fine, no issues. The install and licensing were easy, no issues.


I was able to get mine to work; kinda funky, in that I had existing folder from prior mac on my /samples/ drive under /samples/bfd/Neial Peart Kit … could not load them even when authorized. Ran the download option in license manager, it created second folder /samples/bfd/Sonic Reality - Neil Peart Kit … but could not see kits with the original folder moved; put it back to having two folders, and now it works. LOL.

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nice one, thank you.