Sonic Reality expansions won't authorize

The one thing keeping me from going to the current version of BFD 3 is the Sonic Reality Neil Peart and Nick Mason expansions won’t authorize. From what I understand I need new license codes and I’ve heard nothing from Drew about the PM I sent him. Anyone else need to use these libraries? Do you have them working and if so what did you do to get them working.

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Can we get help with these? Peart and Mason are kits I’d love to use too :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found the kits for purchase. The moment this gets fixed, I’ll start buying em :slight_smile:
EDIT2: I just emailed Sonic Reality to see if they can push this along too.
EDIT3: Just got an email from Sonic Reality, they’re in touch with InMusic. Should be resolved soon enough.

Just to let you know I got sorted with help from Drew. Needed new installers.

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I have this expansion as well and could do with the installer please @BFD_Drew

Many thanks