Some support, observatiions, and some questions using BFD

Hello to my fellow BFD users.
I’m new to this forum but have been reading this forum for a few weeks. I was hesitant about migrating over from Fxpansion like most of you. I have tried the updates to BFD and I can say I was completed frustrated like the most of you. I had most of the symptoms that were reported here that angered most of you. I finally gave this last update a try and for the most part it works. With some adjustments, I have all of my packs available to me. This doesn’t come with some issues.

  1. Some of my packs such as 8-bit, El Dorado, weren’t showing up. No Kits, Presets, or even Audio. I read other posts in here and it offered a solution of how things were stored in other FXpansion folder on a C Drive, or main hard drive. I thought the migration process was supposed to handle this? Why only certain packs? I do hear my audio but my presets don’t work
  2. Everytime I open BFD in Stand alone or with Cubase 11. It’s asking me to set my content paths. I can hit close and it runs just fine. This is very minor to me. I trade it for amount of time it has taken for BFD to work in the past few months. BFD is definately taking less time to open with this latest update.

Questions about the Black Pack

  1. I have on several accassions tried to purchase the Black Expansion pack. If I am within my account, as soon I hit Buy. It becomes the Vintage Pack. The price jumps from $99.99, to $74.99. Can someone explain that one to me please? I really would like that pack. Coincidently, if I am outside my account, I am able to get that pack. Supposedly!!!

Right now I am fortunate to have a version of BFD that is working great, but not perfect. Although I haven’t contacted Drew in here, I’d give him a big thanks for at least keeping hope in BFD alive. I have used BFD in my projects for many years. I hope that it continues to get better in the future. It’s a great progam in my opinion.

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Hey there @rzrocks. I went through the migration confusion and then got help from the great people here. After Drew helped me out with the new serials everything worked. I also have most of the expansion packs but not the Black Pack and haven’t bought anything from the new site. I did Download the free expansion (oblivion) though without any issues. So hopefully Drew or someone else can help you out here. :+1: I haven’t used BFD on Cubase for a while now as I am on LUNA atm.