Some message for updating


I know, because I started the installer…but where to find?

(Downloads and Documentation | BFD)

Latest version on the LM is


I think you mean, LM *

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It is asking you to close License Manager.

working on the second day now on auth issues here.

No response from the company or anything that leads to a solution. The given software on the homepage(!) reacts faulty …

Can I myself control my purchased authorizations at least to professionally use it with settings in my account? → Imagine a paid job on close dead lines usual in the business or (even better) a present client in your studio with non working authorizations exclusively monitored merely by a company´s official here.

I already came to tools like IOBit Uninstaller to really clean any relicts off my disks. Still no chance to get it running

THX for quick ideas here
nonetheless “Have fun!”