Some good prices, should I bite?

OK, so I see JRR Shop and VSTBuzz have some really cheap prices on expansions and grooves. Now I’ve been a bit of a complainer but I’m also not one to cut off one’s nose to spite their face.

So why wouldn’t I buy cheap stuff? Well…

  1. I vowed not to buy any more BFD stuff till I knew what direction they are taking. This is far from from clear yet.

  2. People buying from third parties seem to be getting fxpansion serials rather than BFD Drums serials.

So, anyone bought successfully?

I wondered about this. Thought about buying Metal Snares from Plugin Boutique as expansions are on sale. But, I’ve already migrated my FXpansion account so thought it might be a pain if the serials were Fxpansion ones.

Mr Arkadin.

Yes - from plugin boutique.

I had a problem on their site just after I migrated over month ago. Got the serial numbers for fxpansion.

This time it all went as well as could be expected. It took a while and all failed at first few attempts to purchase.

Once that was cleared up it all went smooth.

Got the correct serial number for the product - accepted by bfd licence manager - all downloaded and installed as easy as anything.

Lots of initial teething problems during migration but all seems to be settling down - hope I’ve not spoke too soon.



Plugin boutique seem to be correcting things.

I emailed them last month and they said they were looking in to it. It would seem that they have - but to what extent I don’t know.

I purchased wooden pack and it all went smooth.


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Yes, got BFD Drums serial numbers from Plugin Boutique on a purchase yesterday. Everything went well and worked as it should.

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If you go through, use discount code “GROUP” at the checkout for maximum discount. Brings a $29 expansion down to $24.36.


Good tip, thanks :slight_smile: Now I just need to decide what to get.

Haha, me too. I really shouldn’t be spending any money, but these prices are too good to pass up, though I’m sure they’ll come again in the future. I’m leaning towards Wooden and Metal snares, maybe both. The Sabian vault would be another choice.

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I have Wooden and Metal, both good (maybe Wooden has the edge slightly). I’m wondering about Modern Drummer Snares (but I feel I have enough snares) or maybe Modern Retro so I have whole kits. I have most of what I want already. Maybe more cymbals like you suggest with Sabian or Stanton Moore.

Modern Retro is good. Tons of presets, lots of variation in them. Recorded by Chocolate Audio rather by FXpansion team.