Some considerations for upcoming builds

  • User preset dialog box always brings up “untitled” for save name. Should either remember the last
    saved preset name, or show the list of user presets in the dialog box and when you click on one, it changes the highlighted name for the new preset to be saved. Makes it easier to update/overwrite an existing preset.

  • There’s no MIDI octave numbering scheme option for different DAWs.

  • Add polarity switch on mixer channels.

  • Kit view doesn’t have different articulation zones on kit pieces when auditioning/clicking, only main hit.

  • There’s no way to see the actual mapping of MIDI notes for keymaps. Makes it difficult to decipher which MIDI notes are triggering kit pieces. Confusing when working with/editing MIDI grooves in the DAW.

  • Horizontal/side scrolling behavior is a bit unpredictable/wonky. Kind of erratic like BFD3. Not my mouse because side scrolling is smooth inside Pro Tools.


@Fender_Bender Fully agree.

Just wondering. Does this signal the end of BFD3 as we know it?

The Player doesn’t… the release of BFD4 will end updates for BFD3 I’m sure, but that’s still a long ways away. They still need to address AAX support for Apple Silicon and I don’t know what the deal is with any potential VST3. Seems like that has become an issue for Cubase users.

I like what I see from BFD Player so far though. I’m just happy that the guys have finally released something that is fresh and current and that will undoubtably help the brand out for the future and BFD4.