Solo/mute/unload kit pieces

It would be great if it was possible to solo/mute or even unload certain kit pieces. That makes it so much easier to mix up different kits or even use a BFDplayer kit, mute or unload the snare and just use a snare from bfd3 (with just one midi track triggering both).

You can solo any kit piece or ambient channel in the mixer, just like any other mixer.
Is that what you mean?

Why would you want to just unload a kit piece?
You can swap a kit piece for any other kit piece you may have in the other expansions.

Currently BFD Player isn’t able to load the BFD3 kits and expansions, but this should be happening in the future.


You can mute the close mic of the kick for example but you can`t mute the kick itself (the whole kit piece in all mixer channels), can you?

For example: Let’s say I like the sounds of the cymbals of a “dark copper” preset but the shells of a “vintage rock” preset and I want to combine these two. Than I have one track with the dark copper preset, unload all the kit pieces I don’t need (kick, toms, snare) and one track with the vintage rock preset (and unload all cymbals).
I then usually make my drum track in Superior Drummer with midi output enabled, send the midi data to the two bfdplayer tracks and have the exact kit I want.
Swapping kit pieces in one instance of bfdplayer doesn’t do the trick. And this way I could even have a 3rd track with just a snare from bfd3 and so on…