So far, so good (touches wood nervously)

I just wanted to give my experience so that this forum doesn’t look like all doom and gloom.

So without wishing to bring on the gods of misfortune, I have to say so far the migration process for me has worked. Certainly the path wasn’t easy and I think BFD Drums need to simplify this process. It even took me a while to figure out how to get the free pack. Nothing is simple with these guys it seems! Convoluted is the word that describes this process best.

I have installed BFD3.4 and all my expansions (including some from drumdrops and Sonic Reality), plus the new free pack (Jazz Noir). With a bit of jiggling of the install paths I have now managed to get all my presets and grooves visible (again a process that needs simplifying). As far as I can tell I have everything (but I do have a lot of content so haven’t tried every expansion etc.).

Of course I am missing my BFD1 and BFD2 content, but I’m sure a solution (like giving people Eldorado and London Sessions gratis) is on the way.

This is all on a Windows 10 Pro machine running Cubase Pro 10.5. Here’s to better days ahead.


Same btw.

All working here, I think? And I went for Jazz Noir too.

Im not quite sure what happened, but I installed 3.4’s dll to a different folder to my previous 3.3 installation. But Reaper wouldnt see it. I assume because fxpansions dll has the same filename. So I renamed the old one, but that still didnt allow 3.4 to show up. So I changed fxpansion back to its original filename and changed the 3.4 one to BFD3.4.dll and told Reaper to rescan for vst folder for changes… I got both installed and working now!

The migration still didnt work but it did see jazz noir, so Im happy for now tbh.

This was trial and error clutching at straws, I really didnt expect this to work but it seems to be working and holding out. Or maybe I just fooling myself and Im getting confused again :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure there should be a free version of Elderado and London Sessions in your download area if you own both BFD1 & BFD2.

If not there should be.

I’m guessing your BFD2 library could be used in BFD3_3-3-1-33 and was in the BFDLAC format?
If both BFD1 and BFD2 are still in .wav format then could that be why you can’t use them?

If so have you tried the BFDLAC tool?


Well BFD Drums haven’t said that’s been rolled out as a solution yet, so they’re not there and wouldn’t expect them to be until there’s an official announcement.

BFD2 is in .bfdlac format. I can’t actually find my BFD1 library. It’s so old I think I’d have to find the box and CDs to re-install it. Not sure I even have any way of proof of purchase as it’ll be a paper receipt from back in the day, I was an original user (I even had fxpansion products from Creamware Pulsar when they were on that platform). Not even sure where the BFD1 box is to be honest or if I’d be able to register it.

All well here after my own stupid mistake caused chaos - at Keychain, I was typing my BFD password rather than my Mac’s! Once my dull brain sussed that out, everything worked like a breeze. And, by the way, I am finding the free Horsepower pack really great.

Yes, Horsepower is great for Americana/Country/Folk/Roots type stuff. Love it. As a PC user this is the first time I’m hearing about keychain. Seems an unnecessary step to me.

Yes, it’s a pain, but thankfully doesn’t pop up too often!

That’s correct. I’ve never seen an actual London or Eldorado pack or license, either at FXpansion or BFD Drums.

My ‘Eldorado’ is my BFD1 pack that started on CDs on Windows, and then was copied over to Mac, renamed ‘Eldorado’, and just kept working. Oddly enough, it works on V3.4, although there’s no license in sight anywhere. I did convert it to BFDLAC eons ago, so maybe that’s part of the secret sauce.

BFD2/London are a different matter. I’m dependant on BFD Drums to gen me a new license for London, when they get around to it.