So are we ever going to see a return of the Zildjian and Paiste expansions?

The more I use my 10-piece Alesis Surge mesh drum kit, the more expressive I want to get with my cymbal work and utilize more tones.

Sure, I greatly enjoy the Stanton More Bopherous cymbals and the Sabian cymbals, but I need more, especially when recording Boom Bap (the specific genre of music I do ) depends on having a wide variety of sounds.

Any news on when these cymbals will return to the BFD line of products?

I greatly regret not buying them before the switchover, but I still have hope that they will be available again…


I too would like to see these

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@Appledude It would be nice if they brought back those discontinued expansions at the more modern, reasonable prices. You can track down the old FXpansion versions online and get replacement serials, though they tend to be pricey if you do find them.

Just doing a quick search though, I found this for a pretty good price, but I’ve never done business with this site.

Wow… an even further dive, shows some ridiculously low prices on many other expansions. I need to see if this is legit.

Edit: Yeah, that place seems to be a scam, or they’re selling cracked software, so steer clear.

Yeah, the GUI for that site doesn’t look legit at all…

I’ve honestly seen worse from actual, legit retailers.

Speaking of tracking down old versions online: does anyone know what the difference is between the BFD Zildjian Digital Vault(s) and the Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack? Is the Gen 16 more generic and just samples that work in any drum or sampler software? How do velocity layers, articulations, sticks, etc compare? Reading pasted in old info on Reverb and eBay still leaves me a little fuzzy on accurate details.

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That was s why it would be nice just to have in music offer it. They probably don’t have the rights to it even though it was an exfansion

Why not send both Zildjian and Paiste messages asking them to work with BFD on a new deal? It’s worth the try and if they see multiple messages in a short period of time they might contact BFD?

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There never was a Paiste expansion pack; there is a Sabian one which we still sell. But the Zildjian one, we weren’t able to negotiate terms when the inMusic acquisition happened.

A really good Paiste expansion pack would be killer though. As much as it destroys our brains to record cymbals (really… you have no idea how difficult it is to record this stuff!) I would really love a Paiste pack; being the Danny Carey fanboi that I am.

We tried a few years back to put something together with Paiste. Maybe it’s time I got back in touch with them!


Can you try to renegotiate with Zildjian?.. Please?


Paiste has great sample download files at their website. While you won’t have variations, it’s a nice addition to convert and import for full lines like the 2002 series that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Looks like they changed their name to shopvst like I posted here - BFD3 expansions - #17 by deangersmith

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a Paiste expansion needs to happen! Hopefully a bit more comprehensive than the Zildjian pack.

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