Snare,kick and toms panned to right in overheads stereo field

I have searched for a fix for this problem but alas it seems the only fix is to mute the snare, kick and toms from the over head mics. I use a fair amount of overheads in my drum tracks and for what ever reason the drums are just panned to to right and not to the middle of the audio spectrum. i use the individual outs to print the drums as actual tracks but what I find curious is I cannot find what is feeding the ambient mics signal. if I could find the source maybe theres a way to re-center the snare and kick in the ambient mics stereo field? any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure that the OH output to your DAW is stereo and the input on the track in your DAW also stereo?

This is normal, depending on the pack.

When you mic up a drumkit and you use a spaced pair technique for your OH’s, the kick drum and snare drum are often not in the centre of the stereo image.

Not all packs have this phenomenon, it depends on who engineered the session.


So is there some sort of workaround for this anomaly? Other than to just mute the drums out of the overheads?

You can route the overhead output of e.g. the kick in the instrument panel to an aux send other than the overheads (which you add in the bfd mixer) and manipulate the panning of this aux send with the BFD internal plugins. I have been using this technique for years to get the panning of hihats right in the overheads.

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could you explain further. I’m trying to understand but having a hard time visualizing what you mean. how exactly do you route the kick in the instrument panel?

I wouldn’t say it is an anomaly, more an engineering choice.

I’ve worked with loads of drum overhead tracks that have the snare and kick off centre.

You can narrow the stereo field which might help bring them in a bit.

each instrument has several send channels listed on the "Tech"panel at the right side of the screen (depending on the kit piece the number and names vary).
Behind the volume indication bar is a list box where you can route the signal.
In our example I would create a new aux channel in the mixer and then choose this aux channel as send target in the list box of the kick oh send. The kick oh signal will be send to the aux channel now. On this aux channel you can insert for example the bfd internal plugin “utility” which allows you to manipulate the panning of the aux signal. Done.
By the way: it may be that the new aux channel is not present in the listbox at first. in this case just toggle between the “Tech” and the “Model” page at the right side of the screen and it should appear:-)

haven’t tried it, but might be some potential to address this with the Eventide Split EQ, which lets you select freq bands and separate transients/tone -and- apply panning. no current need to do this, but will update if anything looks helpful.