Silly question, but I didn't understand

Really stupid question, but I didn’t understand if its possible. (even though its supper simple, dont want to buy BFD and stock in a different workflow)
Can you use BFD with midi straight from the DAW, or you need to import it or something?
Like can I press midi on my midi controllers and it will trigger?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely.

The slightly more complex answer is that you have to make sure the MIDI map is set up so the note coming from the controller or DAW triggers the drum you want.

  1. You can run BFD3 as a stand-alone synth and play it directly from a MIDI controller.

  2. You can run BFD3 stand-alone and configure it to receive MIDI from your DAW.

  3. You can use BFD3 in a DAW as a VST plugin.

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Ok since this forum and the forum rules about posting seem to be kind of a weird 1984 setting. I read the FAQ, expected that the frequently asked questions, which are in this case. Migrating the software and getting around bugs.

Nothing about that, only about how to behave on a forum. If a mod is reading this, I would very much like a message to help me and in the future, being able to troubleshoot my way through something so nefarious myself. At this stage, it’s impossible.

I can’t start a new topic, I can’t find my problem in the forums, it should be in an FAQ.

My license manager inside of BFD3 software says my BFD3 folder has unlicensed things, which it doesn’t then freezes.

I don’t have any of my BFD2 drums also. Just make an efficient thread with all the problems so I can solve this. I’ve been loyal to this software since 2012.

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“My license manager inside of BFD3 software says my BFD3 folder has unlicensed things, which it doesn’t then freezes.”

This is a new feature. Aint it great???

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@BFD_Drew and mods.

Please make sticky thread answering some of these questions about migration and its stumbling blocks. It’d make things easier all round if the common issues and problems were addressed up front.

@defreshed Jump thru a few hoops and make a fresh thread for your issues. You’re more likely to get seen, and the more chance of your request being taken onboard so other users can benefit.

Its a bit silly round here atm :slight_smile: