Setup with Ableton Live

Stupid BFD3 newbie [that’s me]!

I’ve downloaded BFD Lic manager along with BFD3 content to my Mac. I can start BFD3 and load a kit :smiley:

How do I connect BFD3 to Ableton Live so I can use BFD3 kits to play my MIDI drum parts in Live?

I’ve searched for this and haven’t found an answer which I’m sure will make you will roll your eyes … hopefully you’ll then point me to some web info - please!


Stupid newbie solved … I ended up installing a newer version of Live and lo and behold it recognised the BFD3 as a VST and voila!!! The earlier version of Live is still in the dark tho …

Conundrum over [see what I did there?]