SENDS view buttons definitions, anyone?


I’ve been reading the manual as linked from the Help dropdown and I can’t find definitions for the F / P / FX buttons as shown in the SENDS VIEW.

I suppose that “P” could mean “pre-fader,” but then it could mean other things; likewise the manual does not appear to explain the functions of the F / FX buttons.

Can anyone please shed some light on what these are doing?

I’m larking about with an 8-Bit Kit preset which sports three – count 'em, THREE! – master faders. i can’t decide whether to plummet down the rabbit hole of gaining an understanding of that layout, or simply moving ahead with the project I’m working on… :wink:

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Hi. If you hover the mouse over the icons it brings up the description, or at least it does on Windows.

P - Send Source: Pre-effects
FX - Send Source: Post-effects
F - Send Source: Post-fader

Which of the 8-bit presets are you using? I only see the one Master on each of the 3 that I have installed. What you might be seeing is that on two, Ghetto Jam and NuTec Groove, the Master is locked to the right, but it’s still in the full mixer panel which you see when you scroll all the way left. It’s the same Master fader, just displayed twice. Make a change on one and you’ll see it mirrored in the other. It’s just a way to keep the Master always visible when you have a lot of channels in the mixer. You can toggle it on and off with the “Mini Mixer” right above it (blue text - on, white text - off). Hope that clarifies things some.

Thank you!

Indeed several clarifications are presented in your kind & thoughtful reply and I appreciate them.

I’m not sure how to account for the THIRD master fader I can see (and you’re correct, it’s the Ghetto Jam preset) but I should consider your remarks with BFD open in front of me and see whether the Big Overbulb lights up for me then.

I began to experiment with the Mini Mixer toggle as part of my effort to understand what I was seeing, but I have yet to roll its functionality into my workflow.

Again, my thanks!

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