Search algorithm

A “groove search” algorithm able to locate all similar beat grooves from one I select or create. Focusing mostly on kick & snare(?) but other options like “toms” or “ride” might be useful too. Also, the current search results can’t show me what artist/collection subfolder a groove is located in.
Trying to manually find variations of a particular groove feel can seem like wandering around the library of Congress.

what would you use for search terms?

Not searching for “terms”, that’s currently what we already have. What I’m advocating doesn’t exist yet. You’re going to break new ground here. I’m taking about a search algorithm that (for practical purposes) disregards ride, hats and fills but will find me all grooves similar for kick&snare placement to one I’ve made (or an already existing one) that I’ve selected.

I’m currently using Reaper as my DAW, I seem to remember something in protools, maybe called "beat detective"or something like that, that could find similar alternative grooves for your drum tracks?

As for the existing searching of “terms” algorithm, let the search results include what cache/expansion group they each came from?

my bad, should have been more specific and said search criteria.

if I understand correctly, you would use a midi file with (basic?) kick/snare pattern (more or less) and search for any groove pattern based on that pattern to scroll through variations of any and all other kit pieces, including say percussion?

That’s it!
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