Saving a single kit on a different drive?

I don’t want to install my entire Library on my OS drive on my laptop. Can I just save one kit on it and have the rest of the library on my external drive?

By “kit”, if you mean an entire expansion, then yes you can. If you’re trying to split up the core library kits, I’m not sure. You should do the entire installation to the external drive first, then manually move the one kit you want to the OS drive.

It should work by adding that OS path in setup content paths and rescanning.

Wouldn’t it be better to do it the other way around?

I’m thinking if the kit has presets they might need to go to their default folders, especially if it’s an older legacy kit that still has BFD2 kits presets and other stuff.

I had thought about just deleting some of the kits I don’t use but I managed to find space so it didn’t really matter. I just put the ones I don’t use on a non SSD drive.


Oh, maybe. Don’t the presets automatically get installed to the OS drive anyways, regardless of which destination is for the audio content?

I guess I was assuming the OP had a fast enough external drive, so speed wasn’t the issue, rather space.

I thought you’d meant, install the entire expansion to an external drive, kits, presets and all but you could be right, I know in the past kit presets, presets and midi have gone AWOL with some of the expansions seemingly lost.


I know some users prefer to keep the presets, etc stored in the same location as the audio content, but I have mine in my user/Documents/BFD3 location, or in the Library/Application Support/BFD3. It seems like official expansions get installed in one of either of those locations by default. If you move them and download/update, they will be installed again to the default location. I have experienced that some expansion presets will only get picked up by rescanning if they are in one of those two locations, but it varies as to which spot the scanning picks up.

I think some of the older expansions like Sonic Reality, install presets/kits files with the audio content itself. Regardless of where you choose to keep them, rescanning all content paths should find them, even if you have expansions split up on separate drives. If scanning doesn’t pick them up, then you have to manually add that preset path I guess. It can seem like a jumbled mess. As long as it’s working, I try not to think about it because I’ll start pulling my hair out.

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