Samples have been dumped…

So on any existing preset, the samples load fine. But I had a preset to which I’d made modifications, but I hadn’t saved it! It has been working fine for weeks, but now all the drums on the kit page are white and there’s no drums loaded! I can reload the original kit, but I’ve made tweaks to it which aren’t saved.

Isn’t there some function to reload the loaded kit or something like that? I’m searching around and haven’t found it.

Thanks for your help.

Above the preset browser on the left, there are tabs to select which elements of the preset you want to load, i.e., kit, grooves, map, etc. If they’re not filled in blue, they won’t load. Not sure if that’s the problem. Generally, you want them all highlighted, but there may be times when you just want to load a specific element of a preset.

In the dropdown file menu, there is a load kit function. That will just load the kit over whatever else you have loaded as far as grooves, maps, etc.

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