Sale on Jazz Expansion Packs

I recently received an email about a sale on jazz expansion packs. When I checked them out it seems one was for the BFD Player and the others were BFD3…though the Jazz kits are included in the Player site. What’s going on here? Are these guys that confused? If they were for either, that should be explained in the email.

Jazz Sticks and Jazz brushes are on the player site.
Jazz Noir, Jazz n Funk, Jazz Maple are on BFD site.

Not sure I know what you mean?

Just that the email did not make that distinction. I thought they were all BFD3 and was surprised to see those that were Player.

Oh ok, I was surprised to see so many new packs for BFD Player, this is a good thing, hopefully some new packs will be available with BFD vst3.

Are you referring to this?

These packs are BFD3 only currently.

No, Drew, it was a different one -

It’s not a big deal. I was just surprised if the marketing folks want to keep some distinction between audiences. I have both, but not everyone will have Player and many of the (newer?) folks who have gotten Player may not want to tackle BFD3.