Safe to migrate or hold off?

Hi, it seems like most are having at least some issue with the inMuisc version of BFD and its licensing manager. I have held off migrating as it seem likely that it’s going to be a ball ache. I don’t want to reinstall all the samples, I have 3 party packs that I still what to use and wish to keep old Reaper projects functional. On the balance of probabilities is that likely currently? I am a loyal fan of BFD but I’m not blind to the current “flux” in customer experience.

Mac or PC? I’m pretty sure it’s reasonably workable to run two installations on Mac, i.e. one FXpansion and the other BFDdrums as ships in the night - with just a couple of caveats. On PC, I just don’t know.

If you’re up and running fine now, I’d say maybe wait for the next update. They’ve had some time to sort out the recent bugs and I’d think an update would be released in a few weeks?