Rock Tambourine

I made the transition to Inmusic about 6 months ago and everything has worked perfectly. I don’t use it much but I went to use my Rock Tambourine but its not there. I looked at my old backup of my samples and I used to have a folder Rock Tambourine but its all wav files and I guess it didn’t make the transition. Is there anything I can do to use this again? (Drew) Any help is much appreciated. Dan

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@DVS You should be able to just add the path to your old folder that has the Rock tambo. inMusic BFD3 recognizes it without having to authorize it through the LM in my experience.

If that doesn’t work, I can upload the old Fxpansion installer for you and you can try that.

Thanks Fender! I looked and I had the old installer. Followed your instructions and I have my Tambourine back. Dan

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