Returning to BFD after a long absence... feels like stepping into a minefield :(

Not sure if I’ll need assistance beyond this post, but if so I guess it will count for one of my five before I can be trusted… LOL

So, for health reasons I’ve been away for an extended period from a lot of music stuff, including BFD.

Logged into my old fxpansion account to see what I could still access (knowing some products had gone under the ROLI banner a long time ago)… I found the migration for licenses and went through that process.

Got the new License Manager installed and my BFD3 license and all 15 of my expansions came across and Authorized no problem. My BFD2 license did not, but I didn’t think that was an issue until…

This machine has never had a BFD install, so starting fresh… installed BFD3 no issues. Installed Oblivion… seemed to work OK despite the ‘bonus’ snare seemingly missing. Installed Heavy, Jazz & Funk, and Oak Custom and these only installed the individual drums, no kits or presets. So I stopped with installs until I figure out the best course of action.

When I run the expansion installers it gives the “BFD3 Only” option and nothing else, so am I right in assuming I need the BFD2 license to be authorized in the new license manager before it will allow installing BFD2/1 format content?

Or… I saw there was an option to migrate fxpansion folder data into BFD3, so should I install BDF2 and the expansions into BFD2, and then do the migration with the option in BFD3? Not sure if that will install the presets/kits instead of just the individual drums.

Not a big deal… but my welcome email to the new system mentioned a free expansion pack, but I couldn’t see any code or anything inside my inMusic profile. :man_shrugging:

Any help on any of the above would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers :beers:

Just noting the expansions I want to install, in case that’s relevant to which option is best to get the content into BDF3.

Platinum Samples - Joe Barresi
Jazz & Funk
Signature Snares Vol1 & 2
Maple Custom Absolute
Oak Custom
8 Bit Kit
Marching Drums
Zildjian Digital Vault Vol 1

You will need to contact support and get replacement serial #'s for BFD2 and whatever expansions don’t show in your account. BFD2 is a legacy product no longer supported, but they will give you a license for London Sessions which contains the same kits.

I think the free expansion code should be under your InMusic profile/My Offers? The website has changed since I originally redeemed mine and the navigation is different.