RESOLVED: Unable to use BFD over past 3 months

  • BFD Version 3.4 on Win10 using Reaper 6.40.

  • Steps to Reproduce:: Log in.
    Click on BFD on a new track.
    Prompted to launch licence mgr.
    Launch License Mgr (Nov 14 latest version).
    Repeated receive message unable to access server.
    BFD will not let me use BFD3.4 nor any packs.

  • Expected Result:: use my BFD instrument inside DAW like I was able to BEFORE BFD3.4.

  • Actual Result: no products available for BFD E-V-E-R. Has been like this for past 3 months. \

  • Reproducibility: 100% fail 100% of the time over past 3 months. I keep hoping BFD will sort this issue out.

  • Additional Notes: Would like an option to revert to BFD3 prior to BFD3.4 which has been completely unusable for my music. If unable to use earlier version, need an update that lets me use BFD in my offline pc.

  • Link to Video Repro: see attachment Licecap gif
    BFD unable to auth

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Resolved by Support: My bad, Simply had to log out of Lic. Mgr, Log into in-Music on-line then relog into Lic. Mgr from User.

I am connected, authed.

As a test, it also worked when I re-fired up DAW off-line.

Should have spoken up earlier, I was in hope mode, sorta like Covid: wait long enough hoping it will go away.

Thank you BFD Support. Now off to make some music.
Best, Bill




To anyone reading with issues, suffering in silence, make a thread! :slight_smile:

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