[RESOLVED] Cant migrate account from fxpansion to inmusic

When I try to migrate my account on Fxpansion for BFD3 to inmusic I get an error.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a list of steps that i have tot take for migrating?

Make sure you’re using the same email address for both your Fxpansion and inMusic accounts.

Hi Fender. So first I have to create an acount on Inmusic with the same eailadres en and then doeing the steps for migration from FXPansion to Inmusic?



I think this has broken - let me ping our web guys.

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Thx BFD Drew and Fender. Let me please now if I have to do something else.

Hi, any news on this topic? Same problem here when trying to migrate.

Hi Bgor I received an email from BFDdrums.com that there where some problems with the migration of acounts. I got this email because I filled out the help form on there site.

He asked me for some information like the serial number of my product and now we are two days later and I didn’t received anything yet. I checked my account on BDFdrums but I dont see my product under my account.

I am going to mail again with a reminder.


I tried again today and there was no “Unauthorized” error. I got Thank you for migrating to the new home of BFD confirmation. I logged into my account (it was already created before migration using the same email used in fxpansion before) and there were no registered products listed (I have 8 products). So what went wrong? New license manager also doesn’t show any licenses. Only difference now is that migration option is no longer available in my fxpansion account. @Drew - any idea what went wrong?

Well, I have no understanding of what went wrong. But, your old serial numbers should still be visible in the fxpansion account. Mine are, at least. Copy those, and email them with your inmusic account info to support@bfddrums.com, and it’ll increase the chances that it will bubble up in someone’s work queue and get resolved.

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kafka, thanks for the tip, support solved my problem.

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This is fixed now. Let me know if you bump into any issues with it!