[RESOLVED] Bought BFD3 upgrade, but can't register

Just bought the upgrade to BFD3 from BFD2. I copied the serial number provided from BFD 3 and went to register it, and the serial number wasn’t accepted on the site - it’s looking for a box serial number. I got no email confirming my purchase, though my Amex card was billed - and since the page where my serial was displayed is now gone (and oddly not in my browser history that I can see) I have no way of retrieving it. Tried to contact support after being bumped around to the Roli site which doesn’t mention expansion until you’ve answered several questions - so that needs an update - but the form won’t submit in Safari.

So at the moment I’m out the upgrade fee, have no serial number and no order confirmation and can’t directly ask the company for help. Any suggestions?

No, you have to register it through the BFD License Manager.

That becomes apparent - and if they had sent me an acknowledgement email for my purchase I’d likely be able to do that. I’m wondering now if there was a typo when I entered my email address. It was weird how the order page I was on vanished when I switched to another tab.

Just input the serial # you said you got into the LM. All will be well. Where did you purchase it?

On the BFDDrums site. It used Fastspring. But kind of unexpected not to get an email. And that serial number is on a page that is no longer visible in my history - which happens when the content on a page is replaced by something else for whatever reason - so same name but not the same content.

Spam folder? I like to use a copy clip app to quickly save things to the clipboard. That way you can have a history of the last 30 things or so that you’ve copied.

I also save my serials as text files for reference.

I do also; but in this instance I copied the SN from the page, went - mistakenly - to the inMusic site to register and it didn’t accept the serial number, and then I used copy-paste for something else, clearing it - and then returned to the original page to find it gone. Regardless: one would expect an email as has been the case for every other Fastspring purchase I’ve made (there are many). IT would be great to get some kind of acknowledgement from the company that they were having web issues or that my email was incorrect or, well, anything.

Not inspiring that on the InMusic site, fxpansion/BFD isn’t listed as a brand. Or that their support inquiry form won’t submit.

Sure you were on the right page? This is the home page i just got:

There’s this one too.

So maybe some internal organization issues are happening.

I assume you’re on the BFDdrums support page. Did you fill in all the required fields, including the Inquiry Type drop-down at the top, and check the Recaptcha box? Check your browser and AD blocker or NoScript or uMatrix settings to make sure nothing’s being blocked?

Yes, that’s from the Support page I take it? Support for BFD is on the BFD Drums site. But I gather you already found that.

Have you gone to your Account page on BFDdrums and checked to see if your BFD3 upgrade is listed there? If so, and you click it, it will show your serial number which you can then enter into the License Manager.

I have done - nothing there but some old products. But I will say I made an error in assuming that because I’d migrated my old products to InMusic that they would be handling support. So that was wrong. Seems to me that I’d gone to the BFDDrums support site and gotten bumped to the Roli site. But I could be mistaken. Multitasking makes fools of us all. I submitted a support request there. We’ll see what happens.

Sorry for the trouble you’re having. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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Thanks for the help. It’s all appreciated.

All is fixed. On my part, as I’d suspected, there was a typo in the email address. I reached out to Fastspring and bfddrums support and they got it sorted.

The original errors were mine, absolutely. That said, I also think that the way things are organized with the transfer over to InMusic could be handled better. But here we are.

Now back to creating.


Awesome dude. Glad you got it sorted out. Feel free to post your mixes in the future. There’s at least one thread already started.