Removing BFD2 - ? - Not a good idea at present

Hi all.

What a nightmare I found my self in. So don’t try this at home if you don’t have to. I think I may have just been very lucky as I’m not 100% computer literate.

Tried uninstalling everything BFD2 and all the old expansion packs - That’s exactly what it did - it also removed fxpansion manager and the new BFD3 program - not good so far.

BFD3 licence manager won’t re install the latest version.

Oh sh1t - what do I do? - head in hands time as I’ve lost the F*****g lot.

Can’t re install fxpansion licence manager, can’t reinstall bfd3 licence manager.

After wasting the morning - in the sake of trying to be as computer tidy as one can these days.

I had a thought to use Windows restore as a last resort (although I do have a system image back up if all else fails? Just in case as the PC is old - and old is putting it mildly).

After restore everything seems to be back as it was before the disastrous attempt at clean up on my part.

I haven’t got a clue why fxpansion bfd 2 uninstall took everything out - including the new BFD3 - I suspect - but not 100% sure - it’s tied to the update or migration in some form (please don’t quote).

One thing I have noticed since the restore - is that all my BFD2 content has now gone off my sample drive including all the old expansion packs (now migrated). That’s a +.

Sadly I still have a computer full of old fxpansion bfd stuff on the Windows drive that I dare not remove - and that includes all the 32bit stuff that’s useless to anyone these days (I assume).

One point I cannot fathom is the (none) re download of BFD3 program in BFD3 licence manager.

To me that means when the new computer arrives I won’t be able to get BFD3 on my new system (though not sure of that?).

Just another frustrating day at the office.