Relicencing period

I can’t find the thread that related to this although I think there were quite a few but I’m starting this one afresh.

Recently I and several others had remarked on how we hadn’t had to reauthorise BFD3 or it’s expansions since updating to build back in October.

Last week I did a completely fresh install of windows 11 and made sure to contact support in advance in case I required extra auths. All went fine and I installed BFD3 on Monday.

I just booted up and BFD3 had been disabled so I had to reauthorise everything again, no problem, it took all of 3 minutes.

So I guess my question is, how long before the next :thinking:one? I guess it’s about 5 months since I installed the update and if that’s how long it’s going to be each time then that’s fine.
It may of course have been due to being a fresh installation but that’s unlikely given that I authorised everything on Monday. :thinking:

Anyone else or am I the first?


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Out of the blue for me as it’s been a while

This morning all my BFD 3 stuff not authorised. LM.

Can’t remember when the last one was as it feels like ages ago.

It took all of 30 seconds to re authorise everything. And very transparent.


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Same. Everything is perfect since October for me. Just downloaded an expansion yesterday and it was fine. I’m not even going to bother with the next update honestly, unless it’s fixing something that will make my experience better. Murt said he got knocked out today… I haven’t had a chance to check, but I’ll report later if the same happens to me.

Edit: Just checked. Yup was also unauthorized today. Re-authorization went smooth. There needs to be an option in the LM to choose when you want it to call home. There’s no way you could use BFD3 in a live situation with this unpredictability.


I was unauthed, and then reauthed again the other day, without any complication. It probably was 90 days since the last time. I think I had to re-up in the mean time after I got my laptop back from repair, and they upgraded the OS. But, as far as something that seems server-side, it probably was 90 days.

Anyway, I’m not really thinking about it much. I have my preferences as to how it would all work, but everything is working well for me inside the current design.

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Just checked. Same here. Kind of ridiculous. How does one go about selling BFD regarding transfer licences? Is it a one off fee or fee per product? I’d probably sell it all for super cheap (£150 or so) with tons of expansions (20+) just to be rid of it and let someone else deal with this nonsense.

I love the way after re-authorising everything it says, “Have Fun!”. I’d have a whole lot more fun if it didn’t deactivate itself whenever it feels like.


Wait… What?!? No… Opening Reaper now…


Whoever is coding this aspect needs to go on a refresher course. Is this a year now this has been going on? What the hell? :smiley:

EDIT: Just to make clear, Im fully up to date, my PC has been on the net the whole time, Reaper has been open. @BFD_Drew This shouldnt still be happening. This isnt bad luck with the old LM here…

exactly - is this still a thing? I was told at purchase that I only needed to be online to download the software. Not periodically.

Went into Cubase and standalone to check, still good over here. Then I clicked around to see if maybe there’s someplace BFD tells you when it was last authorized and came across something hilariously appropriate for the nature of this forum:

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 9.47.17 PM

“OK” hahaha


That’s a good one. :joy: