Registered products!?!?

HI. Been using BFD since the very beginning. Not a newbee.
Everything is up-to-date, but…
I have 7 registered products(accordingly to the manager), but only two are installed…(again according to the manager), only, in BFD3, the show up…and works!!! The manager rightly proclames there are NONE installed version and that I can download the version available…which is the only one ever released: (this goes for all the five versions the are “not installed”).
Should that raise any concern??

Its because the LM’s main concern isnt your licenses, its data collection and making the customer into a product, which should raise concern tbh. The LM has been a dumpster fire since going to InMusic.

However, as far as I’m aware, this bug is no cause for concern in terms of use. As you’ve found, BFD works, its just the LM being a buggy mess.

Really tho, it shows just how pointless and useless the LM is in checking up on licences.