Recommendations for an Edrum/Vdrum user

Maybe not a direct BFD3 question but… Any recommendations for tutorials/videos for a Roland TD12 user on how to optimize settings in the drum brain?

I’ve gone down this road in the past but the information that is out there has always seemed piecemeal. Although my kit ‘works’ with BFD3, there is hella-room for improvement when considering the possibilities of multi-zones, etc.

The default TD12 drum map had to be tweaked quite a bit to get it working with my setup. Not the biggest deal for hits but subtleties are definitely not there out of the box and I’m definitely missing something.

I’m hoping someone here has come across info that they’re willing to share.

I don’t know if you have seen this detailed video , it been around for a few years

How to set up Roland TD 12 Module Trigger settings

Then in BFD3 Help > launch online manual > MIDI key and automation mapping > using Electronic DrumKits…
Roland is used for the reference including towards the bottom setting up positional sensing for the snare.
In the MIDI Key maps section there is info about stacking,layering and Velocity Switching (Velocity Splitting)…which is switching articulations with MIDI Velocity… low velocity strike = Rim click…higher velocity = Rim shot etc

Check and see if either of those or both are helpful

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Thanks for that. Yes, that video is my go-to when I try to optimize the brain’s settings. However, I do need to revisit the user manual specifically about the low strike/higher velocity hits. There may something there I haven’t set up.