Reaper and BFD Note Names on the Piano Roll

A Reaper user just posted this on the Reaper DAW forum, regarding Superior Drummer -

This thread - MIDI Note Names affected by zooming, and no resize - Cockos Incorporated Forums

I have this issue with BFD in Reaper, the note names are too long to be able to read them properly on the piano roll and there is no way to stretch the piano roll horizontally. Another Reaper user has posted that it do-able with the correct font.

If BFD could do this automatically in some way, that would save my failing eyes so much squinting :slight_smile:

Just putting it out there in case its something that can be done in a BFD update? IIRC, the BFD team are Reaper users? Anyone got any ideas of a simple fix?

I think this has been mentioned by @BFD_Drew in the, ‘what do you want in BFD4’ thread.
He said it’s definitely something that could be simplified with less info to make it easier to view, or words to that effect.
It’s the same in Sonar/Bandlab but I’m not sure we’ll see it in BFD3 though.


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If I could stretch the width of the piano roll, it’d be sorted, but I dont think thats possible.

I’ll see if I can figure the font thing out in Reaper, see if it helps.

Ah, so that’s kind of a reaper thing too then?

Sonar/Bandlab has always allowed you to expand the PRV but it defaults to being too narrow.

The request that I can be arsed to go look for (sorry) was to have less info so instead it would just give the kit piece and articulation, not the name and size of each kit piece which takes up too much room.

@BFD_Drew seemed to think it was a good, and easily achievable idea so it should be a big help, especially if you can’t expand Reapers PRV.


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Fuck looking it up :slight_smile: I’ll happily take your word for it :slight_smile:

From the Reaper forum thread -

"I wrote MIDI Note Names for a few Superior Drummer expansions and put them in the REAPER stash. The format specified in the manual was simple, but now I fear I’m doing things wrong.

  1. I had to use quite a few spaces (tabs did not work) in order to line the names up in a tidy way. Then I found alignment changes depending on vertical zoom. Is there a trick to this?

  2. Some names are too long and I am unable to resize the piano roll horizontally."


“For text alignment in this way to work correctly a monospaced font has to be used. I do not know if the font for the note names can be changed, but if they can, try “Courier New”.”

So there’s a couple of leads for me to follow up. And I should put in a feature request to Reaper to expand the piano roll if that definitely cant be done. Seems silly to have note names as an option but not have showing the whole note name as an option.

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